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Hello IENC,

I'm happy to tell you that I am the new President of IENC, voted in by the board November 14, 2023. As many of you know Logan has a lot on his plate right now. He and his wife adopted a little boy, so they have two young children now and he is working as an ED in Monrovia. So, it's hard for him to make all the meetings.

This change doesn't mean there will be any changes necessarily. We have updated the bylaws, and we will be sending those to the state shortly. We had to open a new bank account because of the change in name. David Daley is our new treasurer and is doing a great job.

We want to hold true to our mission of providing scholarships for those who are going into the field of senior healthcare. That's why we have Laura Magana and Shari Fleishman on the board. They will be coming up with ideas for us to raise money since we don't charge membership anymore. We will have a donation box at each breakfast meeting. We got $50 at the Christmas party which is a good start. At the mixer, please feel free to bring door prizes and we will accept donations for raffle tickets for people to win the prizes. If you donate a prize, you will be able to talk briefly about your business. We will probably have a big fundraiser in the summer separate from our regular meetings.

I was president of the IACC Board many years ago and I've been part of this board for a long time so I'm excited to continue in this role and to work with each of you. We are always open to suggestions so if you would like to see something done differently, please don't hesitate to let one of us know.

We are still updating our website. We are also working on getting a google phone number. We have a great group on the board right now and we all look forward to serving you the best way we can, but we can't fix things that are wrong or that could be better if you don't share them with us.

Thank you for your continued interest in IENC and we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

- Darlene Merkler, President

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